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Why A T-Bone Collision Calls For The Skills of A Good Injury Lawyer?

A list of the challenges faced by a personal injury lawyer would have to include that of handling a case that had resulted from a T-bone collision. In fact, that challenging experience would belong at or near the top of such a list. All such cases force a judge or…...

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Who Is Held Liable In A Sidewalk Slip And Fall Claim?

Both sidewalks and parking lots provide pedestrians with a fair amount of walking space. Still, two factors can limit their enjoyment of those same spaces. Those same factors increase the chances that some member of the public might slip and fall on a paved region. What are those two factors?…...

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When Might A Patient Need An Injury Lawyer For Medical Malpractice?

No one likes to sit in a doctor’s office or be confined to a hospital bed. As children, we soon discover that a beneficial treatment can be painful. Still no lawyer would agree to represent a client that tried to equate a doctor’s unpleasant treatment with an example of medical…...

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What Portion of Personal Injury Cases Make Their Way To A Court of Law?

The question in the title could be re-phrased, so that it would read like this: What fraction of such cases get settled out of court? An examination of that specific figure would show that only a small percentage of personal injury cases go to trial....

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Nature of A Personal Injury Handled By Injury Lawyers In Alberta

In a court of law, you can claim that you have become the victim of a personal injury when you have suffered harm to your body or mind, owing entirely or almost entirely to the faulty behavior of another adult. There are numerous and varied situations that can force an…...

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How To Proceed When Making Your First Long Term Disability Claim?

If you are a young adult, one that takes pride in handling the responsibilities handed to you by your first employer, you are not likely to anticipate make a long term disability claim. Still, there are some jobs where one brief event could force an employee to proceed with such…...

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How To Avoid Personal Injury While Cycling During The Winter Months

Seldom does anyone long for having a good reason to seek out a personal injury lawyer. Most people try to avoid painful injuries. Of course, the act of getting on a bike during the winter months does seem to invite the occurrence of accidents.Still, a growing number of men and…...

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