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Help For Injured Accident Victim With Plans To Appeal A Disability Denial

No sane accident victim would welcome the challenge that gets linked to an accident.Your injury heals slowly, so that recovery remains a distant goal. Still, the promised source of funds for the injured party has dried up. You may be getting that some form of monetary compensation must submit proof…...

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Determining Who Is At Fault When Cyclist Is Hit By Motor Vehicle

No one would deny the fact that in a contest in which the various means of transportation got judged for their size and power, a motored vehicle would beat out a bicycle. For that reason, a vehicle’s driver usually looks like the at-fault party, if a cyclist gets hit by…...

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Who Is Liable In A Product Liability Lawsuit?

One of the more complex areas of the law that a personal injury lawyer in Spruce Grove and his or her legal team are experienced at handling are those involving individuals who’ve sustained injuries when using a defective product. These are more commonly known as product liability cases and are…...

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Who Is Responsible For The Injuries I’ve Sustained In A Public Transportation Accident?

For many Alberta residents, public transportation is a convenient way to stay environmentally-friendly while saving money at the same time. Unfortunately, accidents involving buses, streetcars, subways, and trains are not uncommon here. In fact, a significant number of serious injuries are attributed to these public transportation venues. In many cases,…...

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What Are The Obstacles Faced By Truck Accident Victims?

For the person who has sustained injuries in a truck accident, there are a number of obstacles that they will have to face, the biggest of which is dealing with the strict Provincial insurance laws. For instance, you only have 7 days to inform the insurance company about the accident.…...

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Settling Your Personal Injury Case Out of Court

It’s well-documented that over 90% of all personal injury cases in Alberta Province never end up in courtroom. The following is a list of the primary advantages for you and your injury lawyer in St. Albert of settling a personal injury claim out of court....

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Emotional, Financial, And Physical Impact of A Pedestrian Accident

A significant number of fatalities in Alberta Province are attributed to traffic accidents that involve pedestrians. Pedestrians are at high risk of sustaining life-changing and permanently disabling injuries whenever they get struck by a vehicle. Catastrophic injuries of this type could require years recovering and rehabilitation. If you or a…...

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