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What Gets Covered When An Alberta Driver Suffers Losses As The Result of An Accident?

After an Alberta driver has been in an auto accident, that same driver may be without a car for a week or more. Still, that loss would seem insignificant, when compared to all the same driver’s other losses. Which of those additional losses gets covered, and to what extent is…...

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Reviewing The Treatment And Disability Benefits In Alberta

If you reside in Alberta, you may have heard that you can qualify for Section B policy coverage, should you happen to get involved in an automobile accident. Did you understand the meaning of your access to such coverage? It means that under those same circumstances, you would be entitled…...

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How To Prove Fault In An Auto Accident

If you have been involved in an automobile accident, the first thing you want to do is to make sure everyone is okay. Those who are not should seek medical help immediately. Once this is all over with, you may want to also find a personal injury lawyer to help…...

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Effect of Minor Injury Cap On Residents of Alberta

After the residents of Alberta had learned how to deal with personal injuries, while respecting the established injury cap, the government created a new cap. Now the cap is $5,080, and it applies to minor injuries....

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Can A Caregiver Get Compensation From A Personal Injury Accident?

When a serious injury occurs, it can affect a loved one for life. Not only is that person no longer able to work but their injuries also impact their family too. The family becomes the caregivers for that injured individual. The time that a family spends together enjoying each other’s…...

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What Steps To Take If You Are A Passenger Injured In A Car Accident?

You were riding with a co-worker to work when suddenly you find yourself a victim of an automobile accident. You were injured and now you need compensated for the money it is costing you to get to the doctor and for loss of income as well as medical expenses and…...

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As A Bystander, Here Is What You Can Do After You Witness An Auto Accident

Car accidents occur around the city every single day. While some are simply a fender bender, others are fatal, taking the life of one or more passengers in all vehicles involved. When an accident occurs, there are usually witnesses that see it happen.A bystander is someone who is at the…...

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