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How To Get The Best Possible Personal Injury Lawyer For Your Case?

Following a car accident, you may find yourself injured and faced with a mountain of paperwork, never-ending calls from not just your insurer, but also the other person involved in the accident’s insurance company, and all while you’re still trying to recover. The easiest and best way to about things…...

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Help For Car Drivers That Have Accident In Alberta

If you have just joined the community of drivers in Alberta, CA, or if you plan to travel by car to that lovely Canadian province, you should know the rules about reporting any possible accident. Obviously, those rules could apply to anyone in a motor vehicle that has made contact…...

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Fines And Penalties For Alberta Driver At Steering Wheel of Uninsured Vehicle

Do not think that you can ignore this article, because you never drive on one of Alberta’s highways. If you even sit in a vehicle that has its tires on the surface of such a highway, you need to have automobile insurance. If you have failed to obtain such insurance…...

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Can You Expect Compensation For An Injury Caused By An Icy Sidewalk?

The short answer is: no. Under Alberta law, the homeowner cannot be held liable for these types of accidents, at least not under the municipal bylaw asking them to clean the sidewalks alone....

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Alberta Law Regarding Accident Benefits Claims

Statutory Accidents Benefits Coverage refers to a system put in place in Alberta in which your auto insurer owes your certain benefits regardless of whether you’re the instigator of an accident or not. Covered under these benefits are certain, if not all, of your lost earnings and coverage of your…...

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