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Does Someone Filing A Personal Injury Claim Need A Lawyer?

Anyone that has filed a personal injury claim could enjoy more than one benefit by hiring a personal injury lawyer in St. Albert. A resident of Alberta has an added reason for contacting an injury lawyer, after filing a personal injury claim. The Canadian government created that specific reason by…...

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A Look At The Questions That Relate To Occupiers’ Liability

Despite the widespread, public misconception, it does not have to be the owner that gets sued, in the event that someone gets injured on private or commercial property....

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Who To Sue In The Event of A Motor Vehicle Accident?

The weeks and months which follow a car accident can be very confusing. Dealing with the damage that was done, going through recovery, working through trauma – all of this can be very stressful and exhausting. However, there is a way to alleviate at least the financial worries that oftentimes…...

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What To Do If Your Disability Claim Was Denied

Following the denial of your disability claim, the logical next thing to do is start the search for a lawyer. You will need to find one who you can trust to take over the reins until your claim has been successfully resolved.It may feel daunting at first, the search, but…...

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View On Post Traumatic Stress Disorder In Personal Injury Claims

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is more common than many people assume it to be. People suffering from this disorder, whether it be permanent or over a period of a few years, often developed it after an incident that caused them great, unexpected and sudden pain, such as a severe…...

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Understanding The Changes Done To The Minor Injury Regulation

Since 2004, the Minor Injury Regulation has served as a way to compensate people for less serious injuries sustained during car accidents. The cap on the general damages under this regulation has always limited the monetary amount paid to the injured, however the cap has never applied to income loss,…...

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Taking The Correct Steps Following A Motor Vehicle Collision

It can be very traumatic to be involved in a car accident which makes it hard for people to think clearly and be aware of what they should do while they are still at the scene. To help you do the best you can to protect yourself in the aftermath,…...

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The Newly Implemented Mandatory Training For Commercial Drivers

Following the recently reported accident which involved a semi-trailer truck colliding with a coach bus, the Government of Alberta has issued a response. In this response it was stated that training for new commercial drivers would now become mandatory. On top of this, pre-existing safety requirements will also be strengthened…...

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Know About The Damages Awarded In Regards To Personal Injury Claims

Following a physical, psychological or emotional injury suffered in Alberta in the event of any kind of personal injury claim, you may find yourself in a position in which you are entitled to receiving damages as a form of compensation. Monetary compensation, which are also known as damages in legal…...

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