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Why Contact A Lawyer After Denial of Canadian Pension Plan Disability Benefits?

If you have been involved in an accident, you may have received injuries that make it too difficult to work or to do the same things you are used to doing throughout your day. You may be advised by your injury lawyer in Red Deer, doctor, or even friends and…...

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Typical Reasons For An Automobile Accident

Any driver on the road becomes quite conscious of the other drivers’ habits. Indeed, some habits can increase or decrease the chances that an automobile accident might take place. Yet that represents only one of 5 typical reasons for an on-road incident....

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Sources of Financial Help For Motor Vehicle Accident Victim

The collision of two or more motor vehicles results in creation of damaged property and injured drivers and passengers. Repair to damages and treatment of injuries costs money. Fortunately, Alberta’s judicial system and insurance system provide accident victims with access to good sources of financial assistance....

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How To Prepare For Returning To Work At End of Recovery Period

No one likes being confined to a bed, especially an injured employee that wants to be earning a living. Still, that same employee could face some real challenges, once he or she has decided to return to work....

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How Someone With A Personal Injury Claim Can Prove Existence of Chronic Pain

Physicians and hospitals struggle to acquire a good understanding of any one patient’s pain. Hence, the victim of an accident, one that must deal with chronic pain, faces a real challenge. It can prove next to impossible to highlight pain in a personal injury case....

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How Drivers And Pedestrians Can Limit The Chances For An Accident In Alberta

Both the drivers traveling on the road and the pedestrians that might be walking across the street have chosen to perform a specific task. Each of them should feel obligated to do that job in the proper fashion. Those residents of Alberta that elect to ignore that obligation increase the…...

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Correcting The Misinformation On Personal Injury Law

The public’s idea of the role of the personal injury lawyer has become distorted, thanks to the mention of such lawyers in so many movies and TV programs. That distorted view reflects the spread of misconceptions about personal injury claims....

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