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How Insurance Companies Work To Minimize A Claim’s Value

An insurance company has promised to provide financial support to a policy holder that has suffered a covered loss. Still, that fact does not prevent the same insurance company from working to minimize the extent of that loss....

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Defenses Used By Negligent Defendants

In a personal injury claim, the responsible party gets charged with having been negligent. According to the claimant’s allegation, that same party was careless and neglectful at a specific time or in a specific situation. That party’s negligence then caused the damage to the victim, the person that filed the…...

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Damages Experienced By Those That Discovered A Defective Product

At the time of a motor vehicle accident, an identified driver might be held responsible for a single collision. In the case of a defective product, a long line of victims might get hurt by the replication of one particularly dangerous defect. Sometimes all those victims get together and file…...

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Why Victims With Personal Injury Claim Frequently Deal With Chronic Pain

Personal injury lawyers know that a long-term disorder can trigger the development of unrelenting pain. That pain comes and goes, independent of the presence or absence of an obvious injury or illness. Unfortunately, science has not discovered a means for locating the source of a patient’s painful sensations....

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Why Personal Injury Lawyers Should Care About A Fracture In An Elderly Victim

A fracture results from damage to the bone as the result of an impact. While fractures have a simple definition, the consequences faced by a victim with a fractured bone can be varied and serious, depending on the victim’s age. The type of break also affects the consequences....

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What To Expect In Terms of A Damage Award For A Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury lawyers work to help their clients get back to the position they were in before the accident that led to the personal injury claim. Consequently, such lawyers hope to win a fair award, one that covers all of the client’s compensatory damage. There are 2 types of compensatory…...

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Understanding The Limitation Period In Alberta

In Alberta, as is true in all parts of Canada, someone that has been injured in an accident has only a limited amount of time in which to file a personal injury claim. That limited amount of time is referred to as the limitation period....

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Laws Concerning Bicycle Accidents In Alberta

According to the law in Alberta, the driver of a motor vehicle that hits a rider on a bicycle is assumed to be negligent, unless he or she can prove that the driver’s actions were not the sole cause of the damaging accident. The bike rider might have been partially…...

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How Lawyers In Alberta Should Approach The Questioning Phase of Litigation

During the questioning phase of litigation, a good personal injury lawyer should manage to judge the strengths and weaknesses of a given client’s case. At the same time, the questions and answers ought to expand the size of the lawyer’s collection of the known facts, and thus narrow the number…...

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Eligibility Requirements For Hit-And-Run Victim That Plans To File Claim

It would seem that anyone who has been hit by a motor vehicle would have strong grounds for submitting a personal injury claim. Still, Alberta has listed certain requirements that such a victim needs to meet, in order to proceed with claiming the consequences of a personal injury....

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