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What Is “Accelerated Depreciation” And “Diminished Value”?

Repairs to a motor vehicle after a collision are a foregone conclusion unless the insurer determines it a total loss. Unfortunately, a person’s vehicle is never the same despite having it repaired by a trustworthy professional. It often feels like it drives differently, the brakes don’t feel like they work…...

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The Downside To Personal Injury Lawsuit Loans

Many individuals who are in the midst of a personal injury lawsuit and money will apply for a loan in order to pay their monthly expenses until their case is settled or they win a judgment. These are often referred to as “personal injury lawsuit loans.” While they are a…...

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How Insurance Companies Determine What A Claim Is Worth?

An accident can result in damage to specific victims and to particular pieces of property. Insurance companies consider all types of damage, when calculating the worth for a given accident, one for which the victims have filed a personal injury claim....

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Get The Facts Right Regarding Accident Settlements

The legal system expects an accident settlement to provide a victim with a way to regain the financial security that he or she enjoyed prior to the accident. Still, no settlement can help a claimant/victim to recover all the time and effort that was expended, during the quest for a…...

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