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Actions To Take If You Get Injured While Working July 13, 2018

A smart employer recognizes the benefits of a safety program. Some employers take steps to limit the number of injury-causing accidents that can happen during the working hours of any one employee. Others use incentives to encourage employees to learn the rules that will serve to ensure their safety.

Still, accidents do happen. If you have joined the ranks of injured workers, you should not feel that you owe it to your employer to try to finish the day. Take care of yourself first. Then take care of your other responsibilities.

Responsibilities of someone that has been injured on the job

Get medical care as soon as possible. Some companies have made arrangements with a nearby clinic or hospital, so that any employee in need of a doctor can go to that same facility. If necessary, you may have to ask someone in a supervisory role where you should go. If you will need transportation, ask for it as well.

Notify your employer. If that was not done during the time that you made arrangements for seeking medical care, do that now. It will make it easier for you to work with your employer and those in the Human Resources department. They will be provided with notice of if and when you have contacted the Workers’ Compensation Agency.

Contact an injury lawyer in Spruce Grove and arrange to have legal guidance as you prepare to go after the compensation that you deserve to get by way of a package that has been put together for injured workers. Such workers get asked to complete lots of paperwork. By hiring a lawyer, you gain access to someone that can do the paperwork for you.

Others reasons for hiring a lawyer

Once an employee has contacted the Workers’ Compensation Agency, that same person has agreed to forego the act of suing his or her employer. Still, certain legal issues may arise as the same employee seeks treatment and then recovers. By hiring an injury lawyer, you can be ready to handle such issues.

The insurance company that has been chosen by your employer will demand reports on the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment plan. The doctor will make the diagnosis, but staff in the doctor’s office will see that such information gets to the insurance company. If, for some reason, a member of that staff releases some incorrect information, a lawyer can help you to deal with the results of that slip-up.

You do not get to say when you can go back to work. Yet an injury lawyer can be your voice, while a designated group determines when you can be allowed back on the job. The size of that group can be enlarged, through your lawyer’s presence.