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Actions To Take At Spot Where Your Car Has Collided With Another Vehicle January 17, 2019

If you have been driving a motored vehicle, and it has collided with one or more other vehicles, you must complete at least one half-dozen tasks. The order in which you tackle each task depends largely on your condition, following the collision. If you have sustained only minor injuries, you can tackle the various tasks according to the order in which they have been listed below.

Speak with the other parties involved in the accident: Get the name, address and telephone number for each of them. Ask to see the license of any involved driver. If some driver does not own the car that he or she is driving, get the name, address and phone number of the vehicle’s owner.

Write down the make, model and color of each involved vehicle: Record the number on each of the license plates, as well. Get the name of the company that insurers each of the involved drivers; get the policy number, too.

Seek out 3rd party witnesses: Their story will be more objective than one offered by a passenger. If you find such witnesses, get their name, address and phone number.

Having your injuries examined by medical professional: f you have serious injuries, complete this task first. Be sure to follow-up with the examination. Do as you have been directed, at the time of that examination.

Report collision to the police: When speaking with the police, provide them with a detailed and accurate description of what took place. If you lost consciousness for any amount of time, share that fact with the police, as well.

Report the collision to your insurance company

You may want to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Red Deer, before contacting your insurance company. Once you do contact your insurer, take the time to tell your insurer about any injuries that you have suffered. Ideally, the insurer’s categorization of your injury will agree with the category suggested by your lawyer.

If you live in Alberta and you want to be treated under the Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols Regulation, you must provide your insurance company with a completed claim form within 10 business days, from the date of the accident. Speak with a lawyer, to see if you have a minor injury, rather than a serious impairment.

If you are not seeking the treatment offered, under the Regulation, submit the claim form within 30 days, from the day of the accident. If you are so seriously injured that you cannot fill out a form, submit the necessary paper just as soon as possible.