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What Residents of Alberta Should Know Before Going To Independent Medical Exam?

The defendant’s insurance company has the right to ask that someone who has filed a personal injury claim (plaintiff) must undergo an independent medical exam (IME). Insurers like to use the word Independent, in order to obscure the fact that the insurance company has scheduled that particular examination. Moreover, the…...

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Sources of Compensation For Residents of Alberta Following Their Involvement In Automobile Accident

Whenever a resident of Alberta buys some type of car insurance, the terms stated in that policy make clear the source of any necessary compensation. In addition, the Province of Alberta has created a system for helping accident victims to get compensated for any accident-caused losses....

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What Sorts of Fee Structures Do Lawyers Use In Alberta?

Although Alberta’s lawyers use a variety of different fee structures, each such structure contains the same 2 elements. Certain aspects of each element might be discussed during a free, client-lawyer consultation....

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Laws In Alberta About Carrying Objects In Vehicles

A motorist in Alberta violates the law, when carrying an object in a vehicle, even though that specific vehicle’s design lacks the features that work to keep a hauled object from falling onto the road. According to the law, the proper design eliminates the chance that any of three paths…...

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How Does A Personal Injury Claim For A Child Differ From The Filed Claim For An Adult?

Anyone can appreciate the fact that a child cannot walk into a court building and file a personal injury claim. That does not mean that no injured child can hope to obtain fair compensation for any injuries. A parent or guardian can take on the role of litigation representative. That…...

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Correcting The Whiplash Myths That Get Talked About In Alberta

Because whiplash has been linked to automobile accidents for so many decades, victims of whiplash-associated disorders have chosen to spread some of the misinformation that gets repeated in various myths. The insurance industry has seen no reason for denying the veracity of such myths. Consequently, this article will seek to…...

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Alberta’s Regulations About Slip And Fall Incidents When Sidewalks Are Icy

Each of Alberta’s cities demands that the residents clear snow from the sidewalk in front of their home, following a snowstorm. Yet not every city asks that such a task get completed within the same span of time. Residents of Edmonton have 48 hours; those living in Calgary have just…...

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Why You May Not Have Adequate 3rd Party Coverage In Your Car Insurance Policy

The term 3rd party coverage refers to a policy enhancement, one that should put the policy holder at ease. That optional coverage provides money to the covered driver that has been found at-fault for a given accident. The same option protects the driver’s assets, in the event that the defendant…...

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How Could A Pre-Existing Injury Affect A Victim’s Award For Damaging Injuries?

The driver that buys a car insurance policy expects to be compensated for any accident-caused injury. The same driver does not realize what the policy’s details say about any lawyer that might be working for a potential defendant. Such an injury lawyer would see the policy holder as a plaintiff,…...

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Actions To Take At Spot Where Your Car Has Collided With Another Vehicle

If you have been driving a motored vehicle, and it has collided with one or more other vehicles, you must complete at least one half-dozen tasks. The order in which you tackle each task depends largely on your condition, following the collision. If you have sustained only minor injuries, you…...

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