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Understanding TMJ Disorder In Connection To Personal Injury Lawsuits

There are a lot of injuries that an individual can sustained in an accident. Some are categorized as catastrophic such as spinal or brain injuries, but there are a multitude of others that do not surface immediately after the accident. However, that does not mean that the pain and suffering…...

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Symptoms To Watch For After A Car Accident

Ugly and painful cuts and bruises can appear on any part of a car victim’s body. Their existence cannot be ignored. Still, some symptoms remain hidden, and disguise the presence of a serve disorder. Neck and back symptoms that can signal the possibility for serious problems in the future....

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How To Reduce The Chances For A Motorcycle Accident?

The act of hopping on a motorcycle invites the discovery of risky situations. Insurance companies offer a special motorcycle insurance, due to the risky nature of travel on that 2- or 3-wheeled vehicle. Still, there are ways to reduce the likelihood of an on-road motorcycle accident. There are strategies that…...

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How Can A Resident of Alberta Initiate A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If a resident of Alberta gets injured in an accident, then he or she has a complaint. That same person should complete a document, giving all the necessary allegations. That same document must then be submitted to the court....

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Obstacles Encountered By Plaintiffs In Alberta

If the injured victim of an accident in Alberta files a personal injury claim, that same individual becomes a plaintiff. If the accident involved the collision of two or more vehicles, the same plaintiff faces a few obstacles. Each of those obstacles has been created by members of Alberta’s legislature....

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What Residents of Alberta Should Know Before Going To Independent Medical Exam?

The defendant’s insurance company has the right to ask that someone who has filed a personal injury claim (plaintiff) must undergo an independent medical exam (IME). Insurers like to use the word Independent, in order to obscure the fact that the insurance company has scheduled that particular examination. Moreover, the…...

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Sources of Compensation For Residents of Alberta Following Their Involvement In Automobile Accident

Whenever a resident of Alberta buys some type of car insurance, the terms stated in that policy make clear the source of any necessary compensation. In addition, the Province of Alberta has created a system for helping accident victims to get compensated for any accident-caused losses....

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What Sorts of Fee Structures Do Lawyers Use In Alberta?

Although Alberta’s lawyers use a variety of different fee structures, each such structure contains the same 2 elements. Certain aspects of each element might be discussed during a free, client-lawyer consultation....

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Laws In Alberta About Carrying Objects In Vehicles

A motorist in Alberta violates the law, when carrying an object in a vehicle, even though that specific vehicle’s design lacks the features that work to keep a hauled object from falling onto the road. According to the law, the proper design eliminates the chance that any of three paths…...

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How Does A Personal Injury Claim For A Child Differ From The Filed Claim For An Adult?

Anyone can appreciate the fact that a child cannot walk into a court building and file a personal injury claim. That does not mean that no injured child can hope to obtain fair compensation for any injuries. A parent or guardian can take on the role of litigation representative. That…...

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