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Why Alberta’s Drivers Should Care About Insurance Cap

In a recent change, Alberta’s legislators have capped the amount that a victim can seek for damages related to pain and suffering. That limit applies to the pain and suffering that could be linked to any minor injuries.The measured value of that cap increases from year to year. It was…...

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Who Should Be Held Liable For A Slip And Fall Incident?

The temperature fluctuations in Alberta province cause snow to melt during the day, while the resulting water freezes at night. Consequently, a pedestrian might slip and fall on an icy sidewalk at night. Hence, a local personal lawyer in St. Albert might be asked to explain who could be held…...

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What You Should Do If You Are Struck And Injured By A Bicycle?

Suppose that you were crossing a road that was located in Alberta province, and you got hit by another vehicle. Suppose, too, that you took the responsible driver to court and won a judgment. Could you hope to win your award, even if the responsible driver had failed to purchase…...

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What To Do When An Accident Causes A Slipped Disc

Like doctors everywhere, those that practice in Alberta province know that a herniated disc is the same thing as a slipped disc. By the same token, those same physicians understand what has happened within the spinal column of someone that has suffered such an injury. One of the discs in…...

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Methods Used By Personal Injury Lawyer In Building Case For Brain-Injured Accident Victim

As would be the case for any attorney, personal injury lawyers in Alberta province face an uphill battle, when trying to build a case for a brain-injured accident victim. First of all such injuries are hard to diagnose; an open wound is not always present. Secondly, such an injury does…...

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Actions To Take When Injured By Distracted Driver

Drivers in Alberta province face the prospect of a $287 fine plus 3 demerit points, if caught driving while paying attention to a distraction. The members of the force that has an eye out for offenders watch for those adults that might have chosen to focus on any of the…...

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What Gets Covered When An Alberta Driver Suffers Losses As The Result of An Accident?

After an Alberta driver has been in an auto accident, that same driver may be without a car for a week or more. Still, that loss would seem insignificant, when compared to all the same driver’s other losses. Which of those additional losses gets covered, and to what extent is…...

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Reviewing The Treatment And Disability Benefits In Alberta

If you reside in Alberta, you may have heard that you can qualify for Section B policy coverage, should you happen to get involved in an automobile accident. Did you understand the meaning of your access to such coverage? It means that under those same circumstances, you would be entitled…...

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How To Prove Fault In An Auto Accident

If you have been involved in an automobile accident, the first thing you want to do is to make sure everyone is okay. Those who are not should seek medical help immediately. Once this is all over with, you may want to also find a personal injury lawyer to help…...

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Effect of Minor Injury Cap On Residents of Alberta

After the residents of Alberta had learned how to deal with personal injuries, while respecting the established injury cap, the government created a new cap. Now the cap is $5,080, and it applies to minor injuries....

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