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What You Should Do If You Slip And Fall On Public Property In Alberta

Alberta gets more than its share of snow. In addition, the region’s cold temperatures allow Alberta’s streets and other surfaces to become covered in ice on a long winter night. Obviously, the melting snow and ice can create slush. Those facts helped to shape Alberta’s policy, regarding the actions that…...

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When An Accident Injury Leads To Loss of Income And Loss of Earning Capacity

Obviously, someone that has been injured in an accident could expect to suffer a good deal of pain. Some pain will get felt soon after the collision. Other pains may emerge later. Such chronic and long-term pain could be associated with an impairment. An enduring painful sensation can dim forever…...

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Look Beyond The Myths When Searching For A Personal Injury Lawyer

Some adults feel reluctant to hire a lawyer, because they have heard certain myths. Lacking the energy or means for investigating such a story, the same adults have chosen to believe the various myths. Fortunately, introduction of the Internet has helped to expose the falsehoods that were hidden in more…...

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Is Mediation A Less-Adversarial Approach To Problem-Solving?

If someone has been injured during the course of an accident, that same individual can bring charges against the negligent guilty party. Once those charges have been filed, the two sides can fight it out in a courtroom or talk it out. Negotiations frame the rules for the initial round…...

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Does The Alberta Government Plan To Stay-On-Top of Road Safety, Following The Legalization of Marijuana?

That is the question that will not leave the minds of Alberta’s residents. Those same residents feel concerned about the chance that the legalization of marijuana will lead to an increase in the number of impaired drivers on the road. Those men and women that supported the legalization try to…...

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Does Someone Filing A Personal Injury Claim Need A Lawyer?

Anyone that has filed a personal injury claim could enjoy more than one benefit by hiring a personal injury lawyer in St. Albert. A resident of Alberta has an added reason for contacting an injury lawyer, after filing a personal injury claim. The Canadian government created that specific reason by…...

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A Look At The Questions That Relate To Occupiers’ Liability

Despite the widespread, public misconception, it does not have to be the owner that gets sued, in the event that someone gets injured on private or commercial property....

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Who To Sue In The Event of A Motor Vehicle Accident?

The weeks and months which follow a car accident can be very confusing. Dealing with the damage that was done, going through recovery, working through trauma – all of this can be very stressful and exhausting. However, there is a way to alleviate at least the financial worries that oftentimes…...

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What To Do If Your Disability Claim Was Denied

Following the denial of your disability claim, the logical next thing to do is start the search for a lawyer. You will need to find one who you can trust to take over the reins until your claim has been successfully resolved.It may feel daunting at first, the search, but…...

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View On Post Traumatic Stress Disorder In Personal Injury Claims

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is more common than many people assume it to be. People suffering from this disorder, whether it be permanent or over a period of a few years, often developed it after an incident that caused them great, unexpected and sudden pain, such as a severe…...

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