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How Much Damages Should You Settle For?

It’s natural to want to settle your case as quickly as possible after you’ve been involved in a personal injury accident. That said, it helps to be prudent and wait for the best and biggest settlement possible....

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What To Prove To Get Damages After A Slip And Fall Accident

It’s not unheard of to have a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property which can result in injuries for you. If your slip and fall accident was caused by the property owner’s carelessness or negligence, you may be able to win a settlement. However, this will occur only…...

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Understanding The Concept of Negligence In An Injury Claim

If you were hurt in a personal injury accident, you’ll need to prove that the other party was negligent if you want to have a shot at winning any type of settlement. Since this is the case, it helps if you understand the concept of negligence....

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Process Used For Reporting A Defective Product

If you were to purchase some item, and then became injured, when you tried to use it, then you would have a reason for filing a personal injury claim. The law demands a payment from those that have created and sold a defective and harmful product....

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How To Make Use of Coverage From Medical Insurance, During Personal Injury Lawsuit?

The reports created by the doctors that have seen an injured accident victim can shed light on the nature and extent of the observed patient’s injury. By the same token, their written comments can work to confirm a claimant’s reference to unpleasant pain, or to limitations on the body’s movements....

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How To Gather Evidence For Your Personal Injury Claim?

Yes, the first few days after your personal injury accident are very traumatic for you. They are also important because this is the time period where you’ll gather and preserve any evidence pertaining to your accident....

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Facts That Offer Guidance To Victim Filing Personal Injury Claim

The injured victim of an accident might be unfamiliar with the procedures used in personal injury law. For that reason, personal injury lawyers in Red Deer feel compelled to post some facts that could offer guidance to such a victim....

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How Claimant Benefits From Understanding Adjuster’s Role

During the give and take that is part of the pre-settlement process, the adjuster negotiates with the claimant....

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Guidelines For Taking Part In Injury Case Negotiations

Once negotiations start, they do not stop, even if one of the disputing parties has filed a personal injury lawsuit. Claimants that so choose, have a right to take part in such negotiations....

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How The Plaintiff In A Personal Injury Case Could Be Affected By Intervening Or Superseding Causes

One question could prove of importance in any personal injury case. This is that question: Was the action taken by the defendant a proximal cause for the injury sustained by the plaintiff? An intervening or superseding cause could not be a proximal cause....

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