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Learn What To Expect From Your Defense Medical Examination

Following your involvement in a motor vehicle collision which left you injured, you may be in a position in which you can file a personal injury claim in order to obtain coverage for your accident related expenses and compensation for your losses. The best way to obtain fair compensation is…...

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Taking The Proper Steps After You Have Been Involved In A Motor Vehicle Collision

You shouldn’t have to have been involved in a motor vehicle collision in order to know which are the right steps to take during the aftermath. It is always best to get informed and stay informed so you can be prepared should the time ever come. And going by statistics,…...

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Knowing Your Rights In Regards To Injuries Sustained On Public Transportation

While public transportation is a great alternative to getting around in your own vehicle, it is also not a risk-free option. In fact, one of the public transportation companies located in Alberta reported that their buses had been involved in nearly 900 collisions within the span of just three years.…...

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Understanding Why You Should Never Drive While You Are Fatigued

Statistics have shown that 20 percent, if not more, of all motor vehicle collisions are caused by fatigued drivers. While we are all frequently warned of the dangers of intoxicated driving, it is rarely mentioned how fatigued driving can have equally devastating consequences....

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Understanding TMJ Disorder In Connection To Personal Injury Lawsuits

There are a lot of injuries that an individual can sustained in an accident. Some are categorized as catastrophic such as spinal or brain injuries, but there are a multitude of others that do not surface immediately after the accident. However, that does not mean that the pain and suffering…...

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Symptoms To Watch For After A Car Accident

Ugly and painful cuts and bruises can appear on any part of a car victim’s body. Their existence cannot be ignored. Still, some symptoms remain hidden, and disguise the presence of a serve disorder. Neck and back symptoms that can signal the possibility for serious problems in the future....

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How To Reduce The Chances For A Motorcycle Accident?

The act of hopping on a motorcycle invites the discovery of risky situations. Insurance companies offer a special motorcycle insurance, due to the risky nature of travel on that 2- or 3-wheeled vehicle. Still, there are ways to reduce the likelihood of an on-road motorcycle accident. There are strategies that…...

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How Can A Resident of Alberta Initiate A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If a resident of Alberta gets injured in an accident, then he or she has a complaint. That same person should complete a document, giving all the necessary allegations. That same document must then be submitted to the court....

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Why Should You Choose To Settle A Case?

A resident of Alberta that has been injured in an accident might dream of winning a big award at the conclusion of a trial. But how close is such a dream to reality. Is there a chance that the same person might decide to settle the case before going to…...

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Why Might A Resident of Alberta Take Legal Action Through The Court System?

If a someone in Alberta with a personal injury claim were to take legal action through the court system, he or she would take part in the legal process known as litigation. In a personal injury case, a plaintiff might use such an action in hopes of gaining compensation for…...

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