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Do Accidents Or Tickets Lead To An Increase In Your Car Insurance Rates?

Your lawyer will tell you that your rates will probably go up after you’ve been in a car accident that was your fault or after you’ve gotten a traffic ticket of any kind....

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Liability For Party Hosts When Alcohol Has Been Served

The host of a party determines what refreshments should be served to guests. If the guests were offered alcoholic beverages, any one of them might become intoxicated, by downing a series of drinks. Later, one of the intoxicated guests/divers might run into another vehicle. Who should pay for the resulting…...

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Legal Aspects of Notifying Your Insurance Company After An Accident

The person that purchases an automobile policy has made a contract with the insurance company. Consequently, he or she should follow the terms that have been stated in that purchased policy....

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What Does It Mean When A Personal Injury Case Has Been Settled?

A dispute gets started when the victim of an accident claims that another party has damaged the victim’s property, or has done harm to the victim’s body. If the disputing parties agree on the amount of money to be paid the victim, as compensation, then the dispute/case has been settled....

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How To Make Sure You Get The Settlement You Deserve After A Car Accident

While car accidents are not common, they are devastating to both parties – the victim and guilty party – when they do occur. The victim may suffer from substantial bodily and property injuries which may require substantial funds to completely recover from. If you have ever been a victim in…...

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Which Types of Sport Injuries Allow A Victim To Claim Compensation?

Any parent with a son or daughter that has chosen to participate in sports-related after school activities has given lots of thought to the possible occurrence of an event that might cause a sports injury. Fortunately, a family may get compensated, if such an injury has placed a financial toll…...

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What To Do When You Are Bitten By Your Neighbor’s Dog?

While most dog owners will tell you, “my pet is a gentle dog who will never bite you,” this is not always the case. In Canada alone, there are 1 million cases of people seeking medical attention from dog bites. If this ever happens to you, you should also consult…...

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What Are The Functions of An Insurance Adjuster?

Not long after the victim of an accident has filed a personal injury claim, he or she can expect to hear from an insurance adjuster. What is that adjuster’s role?...

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How Much Money Does The Claimant Receive From A Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Every wrongful death lawsuit is different. Yet each successful suit ends in granting a grieving family a certain sum of money. The size of the granted funds varies from case to case....

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How A Disability Might Be Linked To A Mental Disorder?

A physical handicap produces evidence of an obvious disability. Unfortunately, someone with a mental disorder may not display the same level of clear evidence. That fact underscores the reason for this article about how a disability might get linked to a mental disorder. Some mental disorders can be disabling. Each…...

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