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Motor Vehicle Accident

How To Make Sure You Get The Settlement You Deserve After A Car Accident

While car accidents are not common, they are devastating to both parties – the victim and guilty party – when they do occur. The victim may suffer from substantial bodily and property injuries which may require substantial funds to completely recover from. If you have ever been a victim in…...

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Financial Resources For Victim of Motor Vehicle Accident In Alberta

A motor vehicle accident results in damaging the involved vehicles. The vehicles’ owners must find a way to pay for that damage. At the same time, the driver and any passengers may sustain one or more injuries. The injured victims need money, in order to cover their medical expenses....

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Actions To Take If Involved In Motor Vehicle Accident

If a resident of Alberta becomes involved in a motor vehicle accident, one that take place within the Province, that same resident driver must take some quick actions. Later, the same driver must make a choice, concerning the availability of Alberta’s Regulated Treatment Protocols....

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What Is “Accelerated Depreciation” And “Diminished Value”?

Repairs to a motor vehicle after a collision are a foregone conclusion unless the insurer determines it a total loss. Unfortunately, a person’s vehicle is never the same despite having it repaired by a trustworthy professional. It often feels like it drives differently, the brakes don’t feel like they work…...

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Damages Experienced By Those That Discovered A Defective Product

At the time of a motor vehicle accident, an identified driver might be held responsible for a single collision. In the case of a defective product, a long line of victims might get hurt by the replication of one particularly dangerous defect. Sometimes all those victims get together and file…...

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What To Expect In Terms of A Damage Award For A Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury lawyers work to help their clients get back to the position they were in before the accident that led to the personal injury claim. Consequently, such lawyers hope to win a fair award, one that covers all of the client’s compensatory damage. There are 2 types of compensatory…...

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Laws Concerning Bicycle Accidents In Alberta

According to the law in Alberta, the driver of a motor vehicle that hits a rider on a bicycle is assumed to be negligent, unless he or she can prove that the driver’s actions were not the sole cause of the damaging accident. The bike rider might have been partially…...

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Eligibility Requirements For Hit-And-Run Victim That Plans To File Claim

It would seem that anyone who has been hit by a motor vehicle would have strong grounds for submitting a personal injury claim. Still, Alberta has listed certain requirements that such a victim needs to meet, in order to proceed with claiming the consequences of a personal injury....

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How To Seek Accident Benefits Claims In Alberta?

Residents of Alberta have been guaranteed the opportunity to seek certain benefits, after becoming involved in a motor vehicle accident. Yet insurers do have some ability to deny requested benefits....

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What To Look For When Searching For A Car Accident Lawyer

Someone that has been involved in an automobile accident might struggle to prioritize all the tasks that need to be accomplished. By the same token, such an individual might overlook a task that seemed unnecessary or superficial. For that reason, it helps to hire a car accident lawyer....

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