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Pedestrian Accident

How Drivers And Pedestrians Can Limit The Chances For An Accident In Alberta

Both the drivers traveling on the road and the pedestrians that might be walking across the street have chosen to perform a specific task. Each of them should feel obligated to do that job in the proper fashion. Those residents of Alberta that elect to ignore that obligation increase the…...

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Knowing Your Rights In Regards To Injuries Sustained On Public Transportation

While public transportation is a great alternative to getting around in your own vehicle, it is also not a risk-free option. In fact, one of the public transportation companies located in Alberta reported that their buses had been involved in nearly 900 collisions within the span of just three years.…...

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Why You May Not Have Adequate 3rd Party Coverage In Your Car Insurance Policy

The term 3rd party coverage refers to a policy enhancement, one that should put the policy holder at ease. That optional coverage provides money to the covered driver that has been found at-fault for a given accident. The same option protects the driver’s assets, in the event that the defendant…...

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Help For Car Drivers That Have Accident In Alberta

If you have just joined the community of drivers in Alberta, CA, or if you plan to travel by car to that lovely Canadian province, you should know the rules about reporting any possible accident. Obviously, those rules could apply to anyone in a motor vehicle that has made contact…...

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Emotional, Financial, And Physical Impact of A Pedestrian Accident

A significant number of fatalities in Alberta Province are attributed to traffic accidents that involve pedestrians. Pedestrians are at high risk of sustaining life-changing and permanently disabling injuries whenever they get struck by a vehicle. Catastrophic injuries of this type could require years recovering and rehabilitation. If you or a…...

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What Are The Options If A Pedestrian Is Hit By A Car?

When it comes to accidents which include pedestrian, things are generally rather serious. With this said, your primary legal claim is likely going to be against the driver who has been at fault, provided he has been. There are quite a few things that a pedestrian could do in a…...

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