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Slip and Fall Accidents

Questions To Ask When Consulting With Personal Injury Lawyer

Typically, a personal injury lawyer grants one free consultation to any potential client. Smart client-hopefuls seek to obtain the maximum advantage from that particular opportunity. Their efforts push them to plan ahead, regarding the questions that will be posed to the consulted lawyer....

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Who Is Liable For Injuries If Pedestrian Slips And Falls On Icy Sidewalk?

Even though cities throughout Canada can charge homeowners with the duty to remove snow and ice from the walkways in front of their homes, homeowners are seldom made liable, if a passer-by slips and falls on an icy sidewalk. Why is that the case?...

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Alberta’s Regulations About Slip And Fall Incidents When Sidewalks Are Icy

Each of Alberta’s cities demands that the residents clear snow from the sidewalk in front of their home, following a snowstorm. Yet not every city asks that such a task get completed within the same span of time. Residents of Edmonton have 48 hours; those living in Calgary have just…...

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What To Do If You Slip And Fall In Winter On One of Alberta’s Icy Sidewalks

Within the boundaries of Alberta, each city asks its homeowners to clear the snow from the sidewalk in front of their home. Different cities set a different deadline, for completion of that particular task. In Edmonton, it must be done within 48 hours; in Calgary a homeowner breaks the law,…...

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What You Should Do If You Slip And Fall On Public Property In Alberta

Alberta gets more than its share of snow. In addition, the region’s cold temperatures allow Alberta’s streets and other surfaces to become covered in ice on a long winter night. Obviously, the melting snow and ice can create slush. Those facts helped to shape Alberta’s policy, regarding the actions that…...

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When Can A Property Be Considered Dangerous?

There is a legal responsibility for both property owners and renters in order to avoid lawful visitors to dangerous conditions on property. Property should always be kept safe. What makes property so dangerous?...

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Can You Expect Compensation For An Injury Caused By An Icy Sidewalk?

The short answer is: no. Under Alberta law, the homeowner cannot be held liable for these types of accidents, at least not under the municipal bylaw asking them to clean the sidewalks alone....

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Basic Facts About A Standard Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you got injured during some accidental occurrence, you may wonder whether or not you can initiate a personal injury lawsuit. Here are some questions and answers that you should find helpful....

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Who Should Be Held Liable For A Slip And Fall Incident?

The temperature fluctuations in Alberta province cause snow to melt during the day, while the resulting water freezes at night. Consequently, a pedestrian might slip and fall on an icy sidewalk at night. Hence, a local personal lawyer in St. Albert might be asked to explain who could be held…...

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Who Is Held Liable In A Sidewalk Slip And Fall Claim?

Both sidewalks and parking lots provide pedestrians with a fair amount of walking space. Still, two factors can limit their enjoyment of those same spaces. Those same factors increase the chances that some member of the public might slip and fall on a paved region. What are those two factors?…...

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