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Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

Estimate The Value of The Personal Injury Claim For Your Head Injury

When it comes to head injuries, things can quickly get complex due to the vast diversity when it comes to visibility, severity, symptoms, and recovery experiences. Some people with head injuries report severe bleeding with little consequences and quick healing periods, while others report no visible symptoms, but severe consequences…...

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Understanding TMJ Disorder In Connection To Personal Injury Lawsuits

There are a lot of injuries that an individual can sustained in an accident. Some are categorized as catastrophic such as spinal or brain injuries, but there are a multitude of others that do not surface immediately after the accident. However, that does not mean that the pain and suffering…...

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Symptoms To Watch For After A Car Accident

Ugly and painful cuts and bruises can appear on any part of a car victim’s body. Their existence cannot be ignored. Still, some symptoms remain hidden, and disguise the presence of a serve disorder. Neck and back symptoms that can signal the possibility for serious problems in the future....

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When An Accident Injury Leads To Loss of Income And Loss of Earning Capacity

Obviously, someone that has been injured in an accident could expect to suffer a good deal of pain. Some pain will get felt soon after the collision. Other pains may emerge later. Such chronic and long-term pain could be associated with an impairment. An enduring painful sensation can dim forever…...

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What To Do When An Accident Causes A Slipped Disc

Like doctors everywhere, those that practice in Alberta province know that a herniated disc is the same thing as a slipped disc. By the same token, those same physicians understand what has happened within the spinal column of someone that has suffered such an injury. One of the discs in…...

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Methods Used By Personal Injury Lawyer In Building Case For Brain-Injured Accident Victim

As would be the case for any attorney, personal injury lawyers in Alberta province face an uphill battle, when trying to build a case for a brain-injured accident victim. First of all such injuries are hard to diagnose; an open wound is not always present. Secondly, such an injury does…...

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