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Do You Know How To Claim Insurance From A Car-Share Accident? January 13, 2020

Let’s face it, everyone dreads getting into an accident in a car pool because then they have to deal with the reality of filing an insurance claim and actually winning a verdict and compensation. If you are ever in this situation, hiring a personal injury lawyer will be of great benefit to you.

Different auto insurance companies can have different policies

Because the people you ride in a carpool have different insurance policies, it makes sense that you will be navigating through a maze of policies, guidelines, and laws, if you are ever involved in a car-share accident. Hiring a lawyer is the best action to take in this situation because they can guide you throughout the claims filing process and educate you, regarding the best insurance company to file a claim through. Your personal injury lawyer in Spruce Grove will also inform you to insist that the carpool driver file a complete and accurate claim, as soon as possible because he or she will largely be responsible for the accident (even if he or she was not at fault) and will be the point of contact for the insurance company.

Other things to know

A good injury lawyer will inform you that all car-share auto policies have a minimum deductible for repairs and other injuries, which you must meet before the insurance company will begin to reimburse you for any and all monetary damages. This deductible is usually $500. However, know that you should never let an unauthorized driver drive a car because this will drive the deductible to $2,000. Be sure to tell all riders to carry additional insurance in the event that their existing policies don’t cover all damages, or the payout is not high enough.

If you are ever involved in a car-share accident, you must obtain as much documentation as possible, and this is especially true if you were at-fault, you were the driver, or both. Proper documentation includes videos, pictures, and written statements/descriptions about the nature and extent of the accident. You can submit this to your chosen insurance company as the evidence you need to help your insurance company decide that you really need the compensation you are asking for.

Car-share accidents happen

It’s true that car-share accidents happen all-of-the-time. However, it is also true that these accidents need not mar your driving experience or damage your car beyond drivability. You can always receive just compensation from an insurance company, especially if you were not at fault. You only need to follow the advice presented in this article and hire a good lawyer who will be capable of navigating you through the entire claims process – from filing to settlement!