Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers in Spruce Grove, Red Deer & St. Albert

Do you live in Red Deer, St. Albert, or Spruce Grove? Were you recently involved in a motor vehicle accident that was caused by another individual’s careless, negligent, or reckless behavior? Did you sustain injuries as a result? Then it may be worth your while to call the BLFAB Personal Injury Lawyer firm and see if you’re entitled to compensation for damages and all financial losses attributed to your accident.  We can provide the type of aggressive legal representation that gets results.

Let’s be realistic for a minute.  No one ever anticipates getting into an accident when they leave their homes in the morning.  Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents are a fact of everyday life.  While some individuals and their passengers are lucky enough to walk away with a few minor bumps and bruises, others may not be so fortunate.  In some cases, people sustain catastrophic injuries and are permanently disabled.  These types of injuries can be financially devastating for the families of the victims.



If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident, you should take the time to compare our experience, expertise, and results with other personal injury legal firms in the area.  Once you have retained our services, your lawyer will assemble a legal team comprised of legal assistants, paralegals, and other specialists as well as investigative and medical experts if your circumstances warrant it.  Our goal will be to advance your claim so that you receive the maximum settlement possible.

Unfortunately, most clients can be easily intimidated by the insurance companies and their lawyers if they try to handle their claims without our legal expertise.  The BLFAB Personal Injury Lawyer teams cannot be intimidated and are not afraid to challenge the big insurance companies and their defense lawyers.  We also know that early investigation of your accident and ensuring that all evidence is preserved could be critical where your claim is concerned.

If it becomes necessary to do so, your legal team will provide an accident reconstruction specialist and have them visit the scene immediately to gather up and preserve all the evidence required to prove your claim.  In so doing, we will be able to maximize the amount of your settlement and resolve your case as quickly as possible.  Our lawyers have handled just about every type of motor vehicle accident that you could possibly imagine, making our experience and expertise invaluable in a personal injury claim.


Most personal injury claims and cases can be very complex in nature.  Without the skill, expertise, and experience of a personal injury lawyer, you could get intimidated by the insurance companies and their defense attorneys.  We won’t let you get overwhelmed by the confusion that can arise during the legal process.  We understand that you have enough stress and worry in your life when recovering from your injuries.  Why not let us shoulder your burden by providing the legal representation you’re deserving of.  Call the BLFAB Personal Injury Lawyer legal firm today to ensure your rights are protected.