Slip and Fall Accidents Lawyer in Red Deer, St. Albert & Spruce Grove?

While the frequency of slip and fall accidents most certainly increases during the winter months in Red Deer, St. Albert, and Spruce Grove, personal injury claims regarding these mishaps are filed year round.  Slip and fall claims are usually filed when a person falls and sustains injuries on a company’s, individual’s, or organization’s property because a dangerous or hazardous condition was present.


When the accident is attributed to the property owner or someone who is maintaining or managing it, you may be entitled to compensation and be able to sue the defendant for damages.  While we oftentimes see slip and fall cases that are filed by one individual against another here at BLFAB Personal Injury Lawyer, these lawsuits are commonly filed against businesses and municipal governments.


In cases that involve slipping or tripping and falling, legal action is usually pursued by the injury victim (plaintiff) so they can recover the following expenses:

  Hospital and Medical Expenses
  Loss of Past and Future Income
  Pain and Suffering
  Property Damage (Damage to Clothing and Other Items)
  Attendant Care*
  Home Maintenance and Housekeeping Services*

Injuries sustained in slip or trip and fall cases can range in severity from a few minor bumps and scrapes to catastrophic in nature such as a traumatic brain injury.  One way or the other, a property owner is responsible for ensuring that there are no dangerous or hazardous conditions that could threaten the safety of any visitors.


Legislation known as Alberta’s Occupiers’ Liability Act places a specific “Duty of Care” on the owners, managers, or persons responsible for the property.  The Duty of Care protects those individuals wanting to access or enter said property.  At the same time, it calls for owners, managers, or persons responsible to ensure the property is reasonably safe for those individuals who access it.  The law is broken down as follows:

  Duty of Care is less significant when the person sustaining injuries on the property was trespassing.
  If the party responsible for the property wants to limit their liability, they must inform the general republic of any restrictions.
  Duty of Care also applies to property landlords if they are given the responsibility to maintain a building so that it is safe for all who enter it. Consequently, they can also be sued in court if they have failed to do so.

For more information on the Duty of Care or Alberta’s Occupiers’ Liability Act, contact the BLFAB Personal Injury Lawyer office at your earliest convenience.

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