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Suggested Way For Telling Your Car Insurance Company About Accident 

The policyholder does not have to contact the claims’ department. He or she has the right to contact a personal insurance agent. In that way, the same policyholder has obtained a chance to learn about whatever benefits he or she might be able to use....

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Should Every Car Accident Be Reported To Police?

If you plan to make a claim, the existence of a report increases your chances for a desirable outcome, as per personal injury lawyer in St. Albert....

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Pitfalls To Avoid When In The Middle of A Personal Injury Case

Personal injury cases are some of the most complex legal matters. The stakes are high, and the costs can be staggering. Talking to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Red Deer will give you some idea of the legal issues in your case, but ultimately there is no substitute for a…...

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What Are The Discovery Tools Used By Injury Lawyers?

Most of the injury lawyers in Red Deer use these tools when gathering evidence during the discovery process....

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Reasons For Settling Outweigh Those Favoring Litigation

Some claimants refuse to settle with the insurance company. Their visions of a chance to win a huge amount of money keep them from agreeing to a settlement. Do they make a logical decision?...

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Process Used For Filing Personal Injury Lawsuit

Even if you lived in a state with a no-fault car insurance system, you would find that the courts did not handle any cases where the damages fell below a certain level. Still, at some point in time, you might find it beneficial to file a personal injury lawsuit. How…...

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Actions To Take If Adjuster Has Denied Coverage

Some adjusters will claim that a policy’s terms do not include a provision for coverage of the sort of incident that has been reported by the policyholder. In that case, the policyholder should undertake the following actions....

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