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What To Do When You Are Bitten By Your Neighbor’s Dog? January 24, 2020

While most dog owners will tell you, “my pet is a gentle dog who will never bite you,” this is not always the case. In Canada alone, there are 1 million cases of people seeking medical attention from dog bites. If this ever happens to you, you should also consult with a personal injury lawyer to discuss potential legal avenues you could take to receive just compensation for any resulting medical costs.

What applies in Canada

If you are a resident of Canada and you get bitten by a dog, your personal injury lawyer will inform you that the dog’s owner is responsible for any resulting medical costs that you may have. This is only true if you got hurt from a dog bite. It does not apply if you sprained your leg because a dog jumped on you while you were on your bicycle. However, a personal injury lawyer will inform you that you can still file a case against the owner and win in court for compensation for your injuries and medical costs. This applies to instances where a dog bite doesn’t result in an open cut or wound. However, you will need to prove that the owner is liable as per law.

A personal injury lawyer in Red Deer would inform you that you may be entitled to little or no compensation if your dog bite injuries resulted partially from your actions. A good example would be getting attacked and bitten by a dog after you threw a stick at it. Should you file a court case against the owner, his or her lawyer may argue the following in his or her defense:

● You were trespassing when you got bitten by the dog
● You were partially at fault
● You took a risk when you were well aware of the potential outcome

If the lawyer manages to convince the jury of the owner’s innocence, your settlement could either be reduced or disappear entirely. It is always important to be abreast with the law and changes in it if you are ever bitten by a dog because you may or may not be entitled to compensation. You always want to consult with a legal professional before filing a claim in court because going to court is very expensive and you could be paying substantial legal bills along with potentially hefty ones, especially if you do not win the settlement or it is reduced because of a legal stipulation or loophole which you were unaware of. You have options if a dog bites you. State laws prove that people get bitten by dogs occasionally and are often entitled to full compensation from the owner.