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Typical Challenges To Motorcycle Claims

If someone that has been injured in a motorcycle accident decides to bring a lawsuit against the responsible party, the insurance company for the person being sued would supply that defendant with a lawyer. During the course of the trial, if the case proceeded to that point, the defendant’s lawyer…...

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Types of Negligence That Can Lead To Filing For A Claim

If you have seen a demonstration of careless or neglectful behavior, then you may wonder how the legal system can say without question that such demonstrations are examples of some type of negligence. More perplexing yet, the same legal system has chosen to classify that sort of behavior, and to…...

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Questions Most Often Asked By Victims of Car Accident

This article includes more than the most frequently asked questions. It also gives a logical answer to each question....

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Injuries Associated With Rear End Collisions

The thought of being rear ended by another motor vehicle may not seem as frightening as the vision of a car that is speeding towards you. Indeed, rear end collisions usually happen at a slower speed than a head-on collision or even an accidental occurrence that involves some sort of…...

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Information of Value To Victims of A Motor Vehicle Accident

It never hurts to plan for an emergency, even one that you have taken steps to avoid. The victim of a motor vehicle accident should know how to handle that particular emergency. Here are the actions that you must take, if you find that you have been placed in the…...

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How Elements of Liability Claim Can Point To Responsible Party?

After an accident has caused harm to one or more persons, or has caused damage to someone’s personal property, those affected have the right to submit a liability claim. After their claim has been reviewed, the accident victims hope that the liability issue has been made clear. Still, any clarity…...

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Can I Change My Personal Injury Lawyer?

Unless you and your lawyer can create a great team, the two of you will struggle to see that you get awarded a fair and just compensation. Consequently, you as a client must watch for signs that the two of you do not make a winning team. Here are some…...

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