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Facts That Offer Guidance To Victim Filing Personal Injury Claim November 30, 2021

The injured victim of an accident might be unfamiliar with the procedures used in personal injury law. For that reason, personal injury lawyers in Red Deer feel compelled to post some facts that could offer guidance to such a victim.

Is there a timeline that victims should follow?

Lawyers that handle personal injury cases urge their clients to notify the at-fault party within a few days of any plan to file a personal injury claim. The sending of such a notice does not represent a commitment to file a claim. Still, it would make a lawsuit fair, if it were chosen as the client’s next move.

Some claimants have chosen to take action against a governmental body. In that situation, the targeted body should get a notice of the victim’s plans within 10 days. Then the action that involves filing a claim with the court should take place within a period of 30 days to one year, depending on the rules in the state where to claim will be filed.

If a potential defendant is not a governmental body, each state has its own rules, regarding the deadline for initiating a lawsuit. Those rules reflect the guidelines in the statute of limitations. Each state has its own statute of limitations.

How can victims protect their rights?

Someone that has been injured in an accident should write down all that he or she remembers about that unfortunate event, after returning home.The same victim should keep notes of what was said during any conversation with a lawyer or with an insurance adjuster. Victims should not hesitate to collect relevant evidence. Maybe some parking lot near the accident site has some video footage that reveals exactly what happened during the moments before and during the accident.

Some claimants have been injured during a slip and fall incident. They were wearing an important piece of evidence on their feet at the time of the accident. Consequently, each of those claimants needs to keep that pair of shoes in a safe location.

Photographs can serve as another form of evidence. Smart claimants make a point of saving and preserving their photographs. In addition, a claimant’s case should get stronger, if the claimant has sought out and spoken with several witnesses.

The availability of an attorney’s assistance has provided injured victims with yet another way to protect their tights. That is why all such victims should think seriously about hiring an attorney. An injury lawyer in Spruce Grove should know how to prepare a letter, one that is meant to reach the insurance adjuster. The sending of such a letter helps to dictate the starting figure for negotiations. It gives the claimant greater control over the outcome for a personal injury claim.

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