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Why Would An Insurance Company Get Hit With Punitive Damages?

Like an individual, each insurance company has a duty of care. According to the law, that duty of care calls for the company’s readiness to demonstrate good faith towards the policy holders. A willingness to deviate from that duty can invite the court’s imposition of punitive damages....

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A Rise In The Number of DWI Drivers In Alberta

For decades, traffic authorities have talked to teenage drivers about the dangers linked to driving while intoxicated (DWI). Now those same authorities are returning to the classroom, in order to share information on a different sort of DWI. That is the dangerous practice known as driving while impaired. Drivers that…...

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What A Resident of Alberta Should Know About Section B Benefits

Although any request for Alberta’s Section B benefits must come from someone that has been involved in a motor vehicle collision, not every request must come from someone that owns and drives a motor vehicle. It could get submitted by a pedestrian that was hit by an automobile, or a…...

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The Way A Personal Injury Settlement Has An Effect On AISH Eligibility

Some part of any personal injury settlement should go towards repaying the injured victim for his or her lost wages. After all, it is supposed to provide accident victims with a way to get back to the spot from which the claim has originated. In other words, it serves as…...

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Safety Tips For Those Using Public Transportation In Alberta

Even though someone using Alberta’s public transportation system does not drive the vehicle that he or she rides, the same person should still obey certain safety rules....

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How Insurance Companies In Alberta Try To Avoid Paying Unrepresented Claimants

An insurance company does not always have to play some sort of trick, in order to avoid paying an unrepresented claimant. Sometimes that unwanted action can be avoided by taking advantage of a claimant’s lack of knowledge....

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Details On Tort Compensation For Caregivers

No family that has concerns about the care given to an elderly or injured loved one should assume that any given caregiver will always be there. Caregivers can get sick, or get injured in an accident. Depending on the circumstances surrounding that accident, an injured caregiver might enter a tort…...

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